The JHSBT Trustees have established a number of Committees to consider different aspects of governance and make recommendations to the Board as a whole.  Recommendations are accompanied by the information the committee considered and the Board has a full discussion of all issues before reaching a decision.

  • Benefits Design Review [ Terms of Reference ]
    The Benefits Design Review Committee assists the Board by reviewing the Trust health and welfare benefit framework; soliciting member feedback and input; making recommendations regarding health and welfare benefit packages, options and strategies; and developing member communication plans.
  • Communications [ Terms of Reference ]
    The Communications Committee assists the Board in communicating with plan members, including this website.
  • Finance & Audit [ Terms of Reference ]
    The Finance & Audit Committee assists the Board on all financial matters, including financial records and annual audits; annual actuarial valuations of plan assets and liabilities; investment strategies; and the Funding Policy and contributions.
  • Governance & Policy [ Terms of Reference ]
    The Governance & Policy Committee assists the Board by making recommendations about Trust governance; strategic risk management; Board policies; Trustee orientation and education; appointment, performance monitoring and replacement of service providers; and service delivery contracts.