Board Structure

Trust Sponsors

 The JHSBT is jointly sponsored by the following two organizations:

  • Health Science Professional Bargaining Association (HSPBA)
  • Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC)

Board Structure and Responsibilities

The JHSBT is managed by a Board of appointed Trustees. Each Trustee serves a three-year term.

The Board consists of:

  • Four Trustees appointed by HSPBA
  • Four Trustees appointed by HEABC


The Board of Trustees oversees the operation of the JHSBT. This includes being responsible for:

  • Overseeing the Trust’s financial operations.
  • Managing the Trust’s assets.
  • Selecting and overseeing third-party providers.
  • Communicating to the Parties and to Beneficiaries.
  • Conducting all other aspects of Trust management and governance.

The Board meets at least four times a year.

The Board has established a number of committees that meet regularly and provide updates and recommendations to the full Board for discussion and formal adoption.

For more information about the current JHSBT Board of Trustees, visit the Trustees page.